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Who we are, where we've come from and what we believe in...

From the ancestry, activity and ideas that have shaped us to the stories every brick and flower has to tell, find out all about Easton Walled Gardens and the Estate behind it.

Our Story

Planting, cultivating, harvesting. Escape to our world.

Our History

A passion for nature that’s centuries old.

Latest Posts

Fledgling Wrens

We’ve been eagerly awaiting some young wrens to fledge so we can show you their perfectly formed nest!

Sweet Pea Season 2021

Rows of tangled colour and scent, it's a sense sensation...

lochs & fens

Easton Walled Gardens are excited to announce that Lochs & Fens will be opening their first shop in The Courtyard at Easton Walled Gardens. Lochs & Fens brings you the best of both worlds in homeware and stationery, inspired by the wilds of Argyll and Lincolnshire.

How to grow autumn sown sweet peas