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Freedom to Roam

Stay in the Gardens

The peace of an early morning stroll. The golden glow of the sun’s last rays in the meadows. The sounds and scents of the gardens with no one else around. Stay in one of our holiday cottages and embrace the freedom to enjoy the gardens at your leisure.

Whether it’s the character of the Gatehouse Lodge,  the comfort of our Loft apartments or the spacious style of our newest addition May Lodge, our holiday cottages border Easton Walled Gardens and our guests have the key to everything our gardens offer when they stay.

Open entry whenever you like. It’s the benefit so many of our holiday cottage guests most enjoy. There’s a whole different side to the gardens that comes with the freedom to explore, making the most of time and space without other visitors, to listen to the sounds of nature, picnic at your leisure and draw inspiration from the banks and borders at any time of day.

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Visit our dedicated site for holiday cottages in the gardens and the nearby village, Burton-le-Coggles.

Stay in the Village

From flagstones underfoot, to a roaring fire in the hearth. Stay in the old village school house.

The Courtyard

Refresh and recharge body and mind, our Courtyard calls…

The Gardens

Down the lane, through the gate, beyond the wall. And breathe.

The Easton Estate

A friendly pint, open skies, woodsmoke rising: our Estate beckons.