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From Our Sanctuary to Yours

Our Courtyard Shop

Peruse, explore, discover. We've filled our shop shelves with all you need to rebalance inside and out.

Historically, a place of commerce, community and activity – the traditional courtyard brought people together and provided a connection between the natural world outside and the human world inside the Hall’s doors. It was a place where artisan craft and cultivation had a home and skills were perfected over years of practice.

Today, our courtyard is perhaps a little more calming than in bygone eras – but its connection with its past as a place of creativity, cultivation, conversation and community stays strong. It’s a space to step outside, take five minutes away from the bustle of the day, to think, to relax, to be happy.

At our Courtyard shop we offer ideas, inspiration and items that are all rigorously useful and eminently beautiful. Seasonal, functional, delightful and life enhancing, it’s about creating rituals, making the most of our surroundings, and discovering those vital points in each of our days for reverie and escape.

Whether it’s a quiet read and a calming chamomile, a few minutes pruning your pot plants, sowing sweet peas for the spring, or sweeping the step as you discern birdsong from the traffic, the right objects around you with the right mindset behind it can turn any space into a ‘courtyard’ and any moment into something refreshing.

The Courtyard Shop is open from mid-February to just before Christmas, Wednesday to Sunday, from 11 until 4. The Coffee Room in The Courtyard is also open at the same time. For more details on our opening times, please see here

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