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From Beneath the Brambles

Easton Walled Gardens

Meander through borders dancing with butterflies. Walk through meadows in bloom. Amble under ancient trees embracing the air of contemplative quiet. Our Walled Gardens are an open invitation to lose yourself in the heady romance of hundreds of years of horticultural history.

Discover gardens of infinite inspiration

From snowdrop season in February when flowers carpet the ground, to blossom time in May when the trees are awash with colour and our famed sweetpea summers, Easton Walled Gardens’ seasonal highlights offer endless inspiration.

The shelter of our valley brings both calm and energy, giving us room to explore the joy of an English garden in all its forms. Waiting within our majestic stone walls, you’ll find a rich botanical tapestry – with a distinctive mood and planting sewn into each garden. 

We invite you to wind your way through:

The Meadows

Covering just over two acres, our Meadows feature the Cedar Meadow (bursting with bulbs for spring colour), the Terraces and Rose Meadows (designed to come alive in summer), and the bugs-and-bird-friendly long grasses. Full of movement, sound, scent and colour, the meadows are an experience for all the senses. Look out for cowslips, wild marjoram, rare clovers and orchids.

The Woodland Walk

Designed to make the most of dappled sunlight, the planting of our Woodland Walk includes hellebores, aquilegia, hyacinths, epimediums and, of course, our famous snowdrops. Visit in the very first days of spring to see a carpet of snowdrops bowing their white heads, and inhale their subtle, honey-scented perfume.

The Velvet Border

Bright, textural and playing with a Venetian colour palette, our Velvet Border brings some continental zing to the gardens. Silky, saturated-red tulips and clusters of purple comfrey in the spring give way to the antique gold of phlomis flowers mixing with the punchy magenta of lychnis coronaria come summer. And as the balmy weather that anchors the borders with lush foilage recedes, there’s still a season left to admire the autumnal richness of garnet and maroon dahlias.

The White Space Garden

Heritage meets modernity in this contemporary space. Inspired by the work of Charles Jencks, the White Space Garden may seem fairly traditional at first glance, but within its structure lie subtly abstract twists. Allow details, like the little bank of primroses, to inspire you within your own outdoor space. In 2018, we added new steps through the hedge to the lawn and two new borders to ensure you feel entirely enveloped.

The Pickery and Alpine Troughs

Across from the site of the old hall with its turf maze and cherry trees sits The Pickery: our cut flower garden. This is where our famous sweet peas flourish. From fragrant to heritage, modern to dwarf, we’ve been experimenting with and growing 50 different varieties for 20 years. The queen of cut flowers, our sweet peas relish our cold valley setting in winter and bask in sunlit beds as the weather warms. By late summer, you’ll see dahlias jostle here with cosmos, zinnias, rudbeckias and salvias – creating a riot of impressionistic colour Monet would be proud of.

The Pickery also plays home to our alpines. Showcased to perfection in spring, delicate petals of pretty alpines give way to autumn-flowering alliums and the pure white blooms of zephranthes candida – creating cross-season appeal.

The Cottage Garden

Indulge your sense of romantic nostalgia with a potter around our charming cottage garden. 

More domestic in scale, this is the best spot to see how plants work together in a smaller, relaxed space. Stroll alongside the little raised beds that run between the greenhouses and old potting sheds. Stop to admire the dwarf cherry trees that line the path. Seek out the variegated lilac and Buddleia alternifolia that dominate the main bed. If our friends the squirrels don’t get them first, we fill this area with tulips in spring followed by annuals winding through strawberries and punctuated by pots of agapanthus. A tranquil water feature trickles from the wall and into an old stone trough, inviting you to stop, listen and daydream a while.

The Vegetable Garden

Burgeoning beds lined with green oak sleepers make up our Vegetable Garden. Winter brings garlic, beans, rhubarb, asparagus and leeks. Summer promises contrasting textures as lettuces and courgettes contend with corn on the cob. Runner beans hang from arches and abundant strawberries have to be stopped from dashing across into neighbouring beds. Sneak a peek at the greenhouse to see ripening tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies and squashes.

The Long Borders and River Witham

The gently flowing water that courses through the Gardens’ heart is the ideal spot to rest a moment and learn more about the work we do to promote biodiversity. Fed by fresh springs, the Witham is the principal river of Lincolnshire. If you’re lucky, you might spot some wildlife: the native crayfish and trout who call this river home help to entice kingfishers and overwintering egrets.

Cross the elegant ornamental bridge to amble along the gravel path that runs beside mixed borders, brimming with scent, colour and texture. The refreshing colour scheme here is rooted in yellows and whites, which shine out across the valley, while the planting enhances the dreamy effect of the summer evening sun that streams through its foliage and flowers.

Rose Meadows and Orchards

The old Tudor enclosure with its limestone walls and long yew tunnel carries a sense of history in every stone and branch. Through the long grass, you’ll find scattered roses supported by a structure crafted by a local blacksmith. Seek out old classics such as Rosa Adelaide D’Orleans and discover new cultivars like Rosa ‘Lady of Shalott’. The meadows surrounding the beds overflow with camassias, vetches, grasses, yellow rattle and orchids.

Adventure above the Rose Meadow to find our fledgling orchard, where we’ve raised the apples from tiny scions of local trees. Marvel at hazelnuts, quinces, plums, pears and greengages fattening on the branches. With walls repaired, plans are afoot to train new varieties up the south-facing stones. In this carefully considered space, nothing happens in a hurry. 

Stay in the Gardens

Stay with us and discover the freedom of our gardens, anytime.

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