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Welcome to Easton

450 years in the making

What’s Here

Walk the gardens

Explore our heritage

Easton Walled Gardens

Refresh and recharge body and mind, our Courtyard calls…

Down the lane, through the gate, beyond the wall. And breathe.

Get away from the everyday. Revel in nature. Stroll, shop, eat. Join us at Easton Walled Gardens and The Courtyard, where refreshing comes naturally,

Christmas Shopping

Practical and beautiful products carefully sourced for you.... Open Wednesday to Sunday 11am - 4pm until 22nd December 2023.

Gather round The Courtyard...

Take some time out to refresh and recharge, our shop, salon and coffee room await.

Grow with us

From our Garden, to yours. We offer only the best quality sweet pea seed for you to grow at home.

Stay With Us

A break in the heart of nature, an overnight stop to refresh, a base for exploring the undiscovered beauty of our surroundings. Come, stay with us.

Explore the shop

About Easton

Our History

A passion for nature that’s centuries old.

Our Story

Planting, cultivating, harvesting. Escape to our world.

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