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Drifts of delicate white

Snowdrop Season

Visit Easton Walled Gardens as the first new growth of the year emerges and the snowdrops open up across the Gardens.

The 2024 Snowdrops are over for now – but the Spring bulbs are coming up all over the Gardens.

The 2025 Snowdrop Season will start in mid-February 2025. 

Clear, white colour on crisp winter days and brightness on overcast winter mornings, there’s little to rival the winter beauty of the snowdrop.

From late January to March, Easton Walled Gardens are covered in drifts of this delicate flower, which emerges from a bulb formed the previous March after sitting in wait for almost a year.

Visit Easton Walled Gardens as the first new growth of the year emerges and snowdrops open up across the Gardens. The Courtyard Shop will be open and hot drinks, savoury snacks and cake will be available from The Applestore or The Coffee Room. Meet up with friends, relax and enjoy.

Plan your visit for snowdrop season.

What to see...

Spring flowers compliment drifts of Snowdrops throughout our 400-year-old gardens.

Along the snowdrop bank, drifts of snowdrops cascade down towards the River Witham. The path winds through ash trees and the water’s edge is dotted with early daffodils.

In the Cedar Meadow, naturalised snowdrops are scattered through grass between large trees. Aconites flower just before the common snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis) and the petals will hang on long enough to create a yellow and white patchwork effect. You can also see crocus here in varying shades of lilac through to deep purple and, usually by early March, Narcissus ‘Tete-a-tete’ makes an appearance.

A winding path leads off the White Space Garden through the Woodland Walk and the shrubbery. Here the snowdrops are combined with perennials and spring bulbs to create impact closer to the viewer. In other words, it’s a lot more colourful and you can get in amongst it. Hellebores are natural companions, flowering from January to April. Rich deep colours and spotty, picotee or anemone flowered forms add to their allure.

In the woodland walk, the main show is provided by Galanthus nivalis, the ‘common’ snowdrop and Galanthus Flore Pleno, a double form that spreads easily amongst the dog’s mercury and yellow aconites. On the edges are cyclamen coum, small early irises and a pulmonaria called ‘Redstart’ which is particularly good on alkaline soils like ours.

Our alpine beds and troughs are home to about 10 varieties of snowdrop. Early elwesii forms such as Galanthus ‘Fred’s Giant’ are usually the first up and they can be grown with little iris such as ‘Katherine Hodgkin’ or Iris reticulata ‘George.’

Join us from mid February 2025 for the start of Snowdrops and the beginning of our open season.

Snowdrop Collection

Enjoy the beauty of our snowdrops whatever the season… Admire the beauty of snowdrops whatever the season with this thoughtful selection of items for indoors and out. Adorned with a unique design by Ursula Cholmeley, the illustrated Snowdrop Collection captures the ethereal charm of the Gardens in early spring.