Garden Masterclass

A place to learn, to share, and to experience knowledge, skills and ideas in gardening and garden design.

The Garden Masterclass 2017 programme is curated by Annie Guilfoyle and Noel Kingsbury and aims to bring together gardeners and designers with the very best and most innovative people in the gardening world through one day workshops in different parts of the country. Each workshop is organised around a specific topic, and designed to help participants learn, create and apply new knowledge and skills. 

We're pleased to announce that 3 of the workshops will be held at Easton Walled Gardens, In collaboration with Gardens Illustrated magazine.

Tuesday, 9th May,

On the edge of wild

Creating a natural garden without compromising beauty, with Matthew Wilson and Ursula Cholmeley

Matthew will begin the day with an illustrated talk looking at examples in the UK and beyond of landscapes and gardens that integrate a wild aesthetic with good design and horticultural aspirations. Then the focus will turn to what happens at Easton Walled Gardens, in particular the limestone wildflower banks, the use of roses in meadows and much more. Lady Ursula Cholmeley will take you on a tour of the garden to show how she integrates the exotic to sit happily with the natives. In particular she will talk about the spring meadow and the use of tulips and look ahead to the early colour in the summer meadows.

10.00 – 16.30


Tuesday, 15th August,

Getting to grips with perennials

What to use where and when, with Rosy Hardy and Ursula Cholmeley

All you need to know about perennials! How to use them successfully in your garden; the art of how and when to cut them back for continual flower; how to care for them at the end of their season. Discover the principles of ‘right plant – right place’ and how to layer plants for maximum impact. This is also an opportunity to ask Rosy how to succeed with plants that you have had problems growing before. Ursula Cholmeley will take you for a walk in the garden with a special focus on ‘the pickery’ - a cut flower garden full of annuals, including a discussion on the best way to grow and harvest sweet peas.

10.00 – 16.30


Wednesday, 11th October,

What makes a successful garden?

A design workshop, with Annie Guilfoyle and Lady Ursula Cholmeley

Set in the beautiful grounds of Easton Walled Gardens, Annie will guide you through the fundamentals of what makes a successful garden design, starting with basic design principles and moving on to choosing and using hard materials. There will be a workshop element to the day, with some design exercises and an opportunity to think about how to apply these ideas to your own garden. Garden owner Ursula Cholmeley will also take you on a tour around the garden, explaining her design and planting philosophy for each area.

10.00 – 16.30


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