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Prepare your garden for a summer of colour workshop


This confidence building workshop will give you the skills needed to make your garden look great for the summer. 

This busy day with Ursula Cholmeley and the Head Gardener will cover seed sowing and propagation. There will be hands on sessions to help you develop ideas and gain plant knowledge so that you can feel confident about planning and planting your garden for a summer of colour. 

Everything you ever wanted to know about good gardening but didn’t like to ask!

Wednesday 25th March, 9:15am until 4pm.

£100 Lunch is included. 

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On the day...

In the morning: Discussion session about your gardens at home, the challenges you face and what you are hoping to achieve with them. Based on the topics discussed, we will then take a walk around the gardens, stopping off at specific points to talk through various things such  as planning, plant combinations and supports.

12 noon - Lunch in the tea room for 1 hr

Afternoon: A practical session including seed sowing of flowers and vegetables including direct sowing and pricking out.