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Sweet Pea 'Joyce Stanton'

Lathyrus odoratus 'Joyce Stanton' 

Undoubtedly our new favourite Navy sweet pea. This sweet pea has four large richly coloured ruffled flowers on each of its long and strong stems.Lots of flowers on a very tall plant that go well with other dark colours or contrast it with pastels in a vase.There is a light scent so you could grow it with a heritage sweet pea such as 'Captain of the Blues' where you get smaller flowers but a great punch of scent.


Min. 15 seeds per pack 

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Height: About 1.8m

Sow: From November to March, undercover. In Spring can be sown direct or into pots. Protect seed from mice.

Flowers: May to September, depending on when sown.

Where to plant: Perfect for flower beds in the open or against a sunny wall ; cottage gardens; courtyard gardens, cutflower gardens. 

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