Sweet Pea Seed – Purple Pimpernel

Lathyrus odoratus ‘Purple Pimpernel’

The Purple Pimpernel takes the lead in the flowering season, and keeps going.


£4.00 Min. 15 seeds per pack


The large, sweet-smelling blooms of the Purple Pimpernel have always been the first to flower in the Gardens here. With bi-coloured flowers, in shades of maroon and purple, growing on long stems, the Purple Pimpernel is also a great choice for cut flowers.

Not only is this annual sweet pea the first to flower each season, the Purple Pimpernel keeps on growing, often outstripping other varieties for height.

All you need to know about to get sowing and start growing… 

Height: About 1.8m

Where to plant:

Flower beds in the open or against a sunny wall.

Perfect for:

  • Perfect for flower beds in the open or against a sunny wall
  • Cottage gardens
  • Cut flower gardens


Capturing the Gardens’ magic in a illustrated seed tin…

Sweet pea seeds grown and harvested with this much care deserve to have a thoughtful container to keep them stable and dry. So we made a fully-recyclable seed tin – decorated with an original Easton Collection design. Created by Ursula Cholmeley and blooming with sweet peas, the design reflects the colours found in the Arts and Crafts motifs of the Edwardian era when sweet peas were as adored at Easton as they are today.

Dig deeper into the secrets of growing sweet peas with our gardening stories.


Best for Cutting

Best for Garden Decoration

Best For Scent

When to plant

From November to March

Undercover or in Spring directly into the ground or pots. Protect seeds from mice.


From May to September

Depending on when sown.

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