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Luxury Snowdrops by Post


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Spring magic to last a lifetime!

Our luxury bunches of thirty snowdrops from Easton Walled Gardens come wrapped in cellophane and ribbon and make a lovely present. They arrive packed in a tube with tissue and can be planted straight out into the garden or enjoyed in the house first. A lovely alternative to cut flowers by post (and very good value!).

If you're buying snowdrops as a gift, please leave your message details in the gift message box at checkout.

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On arrival you can keep your snowdrops in their wrapper and stand them in a container just dribbling some water into the cellophane to keep the roots damp. Alternatively you can take them out of the cellophane, put them in some potting compost in a pretty pot and enjoy their honey scent in the house. When the flowers die, plant them under a shrub in your garden (choose a shrub that has no leaves on in the winter) They need to be planted deeply and will benefit from being planted about 10 cms apart. Next year, if they have had enough moisture, they should produce extra bulbs from the originals. A lovely addition to your collection or the beginning of your own snowdrop garden


Available from late January - Early March while Snowdrops are in season. Orders can be sent out in a specified week so if ordering for an anniversary please use the giftbox to let us know when you would like them delivered.

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