Something new in the gardens

How our friends of Easton Walled Gardens members help enhance the visitor experience.

Our new sculpture is unveiled!

Every year our lovely Friends of Easton Walled Gardens sign up for a season ticket and other benefits. Although the funds raised from these memberships are a part of the garden’s income, we like to ring-fence some of this money to spend directly enhancing the visitor’s experience. So far the Friends have helped buy the green oak for the vegetable garden, repair the old greenhouses and buy local trees for the orchard.

The White Space Garden

We thought you might like to know that this year we have allocated funds raised by our Friends to help pay for our new sculpture in the White Space Garden. The aim of the White Space Garden was to create a modern garden that would fit within the structure of a garden 400 years in the making. Inspired by the work of Charles Jencks, this garden is ostensibly a traditional white garden but within its structure there are subtle allusions to the nature of the universe and our place within it. It creates a link between the formal planting on the site of the Old Hall and the informality of the Woodland Walk and Meadow beyond.

The White Space Sphere

We thought it would be the perfect place to house one of Joe Smith’s tilting spheres. Joe and his daughter, Jenny, have spent the last few days in the gardens constructing the sculpture in situ. Built, rather than carved, all these curvaceous slate sculptures incorporate traditional dry-stone skills, more usually applied in the creation of stock boundaries and ornamental and structural garden walling. The finished sphere is a classical, harmonious structure representing a planet spinning on its axis through the cosmos and we are proud to share this new creation with all our visitors this season. Planting up the border around it will be our next project but come and see what you think of the work so far!