Autumn Country Market 2018

Exciting announcement for this years’ Autumn Country Market…

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we will have a wonderful vintage car on display at this years’ Autumn Country Market!

Here’s a few words from Polly, the owner of this wonderful old vehicle…

Polly's Car

“It’s a 1904 Darracq (later to become Peugeot) which means it is 114 years old – yes, 114 years old. It is described as a ‘rear-entrance tonneau model’, which means it has a canvas cover that can be applied if it’s empty (the tonneau) and that to get to the two back seats you climb up a step and go through a little wooden door: luxury compared to the front, which is accessible only from the passenger’s side as the other is somewhat obstructed by handles, pedals and the steering wheel.

It has no roof, indicators, working lights, heating, air conditioning or CD player (sadly) and is made of wood, metal and leather – no plastic in sight, for obvious reasons. It has three forward gears and reverse, and a it’s single cylinder 8hp engine reaches a mighty top speed of 26mph. Or so I’m told: it has no rev counter, odometer or mileometer, so who knows?

The electric starter is a recent addition installed by my father as he got older. The hand throttle and advance/retard spark controls are on the steering wheel or column, and the petrol gauge is a wooden ruler with the Kings and Queens of Britain on it: as long as the unleaded doesn’t drop below Queen Victoria, you’re fine. It has no sump so the manual oiling system feeds straight into the engine.

I have had it for 8 years and inherited it from my Pa, who had it for about 30 before that. We do the London to Brighton Run in it every year and it has never yet failed to make it: no mean achievement. We love it to bits and it’s as much part of the family as the animals and more so sometimes than the children or my husband. A fact of which they are all well aware!!”

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